1/48 Lindberg Gloster Gladiator

Gallery Article by Phil Golding


This is Lindberg's 1/48 Gloster Gladiator, in an inter-war scheme.  I've had this one sitting on a shelf, in primer for about two years, having been given the kit by a friend.  Originally, I was going to finish her in a scheme representative of one of the Malta Gladiators, but never really got around to it, only putting the sky on the underside.  Another friend has been nagging me for ages to finish this kit (thanks, Phillip), as he likes the lines and style of many of the 30's biplanes, and the Gladiator is one of his personal favourites.  I usually shy away from Natural Metal schemes but, as I'd just bought some Alclad II Aluminium, I decided to chance it.


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For an old kit (I think these are originally from the 60's) It's not bad...a little filler was needed in the usual places; fuselage seams, wing to fuselage joints etc.  The worst thing is the amount of ejector-pin marks on the wings which, being one-piece, means they are on the outside surfaces.  I didn't quite sort them all out.  I added nothing to the kit, not even seat belts.  After re-priming and a gentle rub down with micro-mesh, the Alclad II lacquer (shade 'A' Aluminium) was lightly airbrushed on using my trusty Aztek 470, with the Grey nozzle, at about 10-15psi.  After a second coat, the masking was removed from the cockpit.  The Townend exhaust collector ring was painted Tamiya XF-6, Copper, and then weathered with Lifecolor's Tensocrom 'burnt brown'.  The fuselage itself received no weathering.  The oil cooler on top of the cowling was painted with Tamiya X-10, Gun Metal.

The Serial number on the tail and the white X's came from the kit decals, with various others being scrounged from the spares box.  I don't usually build inter-war planes, and this one would probably have ended up in the bin, were it not for Phillip's intervention.  I think it turned out alright in the end.

Phil Golding


Photos and text by Phil Golding