1/48 Hasegawa A-7E Corsair II"Last Mission"

Gallery Article by Brian Marbrey


During Desert Storm, the last 2 squadrons of the mighty S.L.U.F. saw combat for the last time. One of  which, was VA-72, the "Blue Hawks". 

This is Hasegawa's A-7E "Last Mission" kit, which caught my eye at the local shop about 2 years ago. Sometime earlier this year, I obtained a Black Box pit from Jarrod Cunning decided it was time to break down and build it. This is actually my second A-7E, which the first resides (or did) in the Navy recruiting office downtown.

Kit construction was pretty straight forward, with special care given to the intake, as it has a nasty seam. The Black Box pit took a little extra time to install due to dry fitting and sanding, but eventually fell into place.


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The decals are from the kit, and conformed well into all the rivets and raised surfaces using Micro-Set and Micro-Sol. Stretching the red, white, and blue across the top of the fuselage was no easy task, but with care, patience, and setting solution it conformed beautifully. 

I painted the model using Model Master FS 35237 overall Medium Gray, and again used a reversed shading effect to simulate fading. I probably should have "spot prima lot34; alot more, but felt the finish was to my satisfaction. After the gloss coat, I ran my ink roller through some of the lines, took wet tissue paper, and wiped in the direction of air flow to simulate fuel streaks.

Everything was sealed with a flat clear coat, and the canopy attached. This is a great kit, and it felt good to complete something other than an F-14 for a chan even though I would like to finish more F-14's!

Special thanks goes out to Tom Clark for taking the photos.


Brian Marbrey


Photos and text by Brian Marbrey