1/72 Frog He 219 A-7 -R-4

Gallery Article by Fernando Torre


Here is a picture of the Frog He219  a-7 next  to the Dragon He-219  a-5/r2.  Even though 25 years of model evolution separates these two, somehow they still look good together (at least I think!).  Some may say that building a kit like this is a waste of time...but I had as much fun if not more ,than building some new kits.  I say time well wasted. 


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This one was laying around my work table for "years" ...not quite knowing what to do with it!  I dished out good money a couple of years ago at a model show for it ...only because of nostalgia.  It was the just like one of the first Frog model i built back in 1974....The box art of the bombs going of on the airfield at night behind the old "owl just took me back .....I had to buy it!

Like  most of my models its basically out of the box ....apart from scratch building missing parts for it ,and to my surprise the decals were still good!!!.

Fernando Torre


Photos and text by Fernando Torre