1/48 AMT/ERTL P-40K

Gallery Article by Edward Fuquay


There has been a lot said about this kit, and today these are still being produced under another name. It is pretty decent kit with a very good level of detail. The cockpit is nicely done, not to the standard of resin products, but it is a good representation. The seat is thick! A nice flat file takes care of that in a jiffy. It still lacks seat belts, but with Eduard pre-painted photo-etched sets, this does not present a problem. 

The Kit was build straight out of the box, only minor details added, like correcting the seat’s thickness and seat belts. Painting was done following the kits instructions and the decals provided were used. These were very stubborn and hard to apply, a dowsing of the mouth decal with Lacquer thinner made it conform real quick! Be careful with this method, only use in case of absolute desperation! I was desperate! It did work and I was very happy with the end result.   


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This kit was a very nice break from the assembly of the awesome “Achilles” kit from Academy…yes… I confess…I also build mud crawlers. I like all models! This AMT/ERLT kit builds easily and it is a nice replica of the real thing. If you happen to run into one of them and would like to build it, don’t think it twice. 

Once again happy modelling, 

Edward Fuquay


Photos and text © by Edward Fuquay