1/72 Airfix Lightning

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English Electric Lightning with PubDart Mk 2 missiles

With the limited carrying capacity of the Lightning always being a concern, the RAF was always searching for a way to enhance each missile's capability. Realising that the time-honored pastime in Britain is darts, it was assumed that a typical pub style dart would be an ideal weapon to mount. The fatal flaw was letting Lucas Electrics design the guidance system. The missiles refused to track in dim lighting, dark conditions, bright days, or when it was raining. Or if it had been raining. Or was going to rain. Often the missiles would launch themselves, which was quite embarrassing during airshows or when escorting the Royal Flight. The saving grace was the total inability of the warhead to detonate unless it lodged precisely in the center of a standard RAF roundel.


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The model
This is a standard 1/72 Airfix Lightning, painted Testors Silver, and used Tamiya paints for the detail colours. The kits was built OOB, and the darts are a neat little corkboard pin. I've got lots left over too!

Enjoy the photos.

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Photos and text by Alvis 3.1