Dan's Mon-Key's trip to ARC

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Leaving Louisville, Kentucky......which is the home of Dan Winfield.


Well here I am...back for another week of drinking Banana Brew and doing my best to improve on this pathetic website.  I can't believe Bamford has not taken my advice and turned this into a porn site....just no imagination is his problem.  He says he's doing it for the good of the hobby.....give me a break........making money from a porn site instead of building stupid models sounds like the way to go.  Hell....none of these kits fit together worth a damn anyway.


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Landing in Victoria.....actually I landed on the street that Bamford lives on.....what a crappy neighborhood he lives in...that Bamford guy has no class at all.....streets a dive....his house is a dump.

Flying past Seattle


Landing in Seattle for fuel


Closing in on Vancouver, B.C.


My cross country trip went well.....considering I was flying a crop duster over major cities.  Why a crop duster?......it has huge tanks to hold Banana brew and I've connected the relief tube to the aerial spray unit.....hell I like that part!!!  Canada is great.....the strip bars sure the heck beat the strip bars back in Kentucky.  The beer isn't bad....but it doesn't compare to Banana brew.....I hope that Winfield fool doesn't get into my Banana Brew again while I'm gone......it made him sick for a month last time....what a fool!!!

Check out the kill symbols in the picture below....yup those are Williams Bros B-10's.....Dan Winfield began to shake and sweat when he saw those....then he collapsed into a mumbling heap.

Last I saw of Bamford he was screaming like a school girl and running for his life clutching a model kit under each arm.  Did he really think he could make me stay away?!?!?  What a sorry ass goof!!!  Oh...and the above picture is for you!!!

Dan's Mon-key

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Flying around Victoria, B.C. looking for Bamford's house Check out the cool wing art.....I painted that myself....



Photos and text by Dan's Mon-key