1/72 Zvezda Su-30MKI Indian Air Force

Gallery Article by Tom Thounaojam on Aug 15 2021

India Independence Day



I will keep it short, it was built from Zvezda Su-30Sm, a great kit but some inaccuracy and some of the multiple-piece canopies were a big headache, plastic was a bit soft other than it was a really nice kit.

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For making the Indian one, I removed some antennas from the tail section and sanded it down. Also, the spine antenna was long on the kit but the Indian one was quite short. I made a shorter one from a plastic card, also from the decals I couldn't use much of the stencils, which is for the SM version, I borrowed from other kits. Painted using local paints and Tamiya, silver was Mr.Color but modulations was done using multiple paints.

I didn't add many missiles as I like the clean lines of the Su-30MKI and missile clutters it. 

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Tom Thounaojam

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Photos and text by Tom Thounaojam