1/48 Meng F-35A Lightning II

Gallery Article by Francisco Gutierrez Medina on June 23 2021



F-35A Lightning II "Beast Mode" with the 34th Fighter Squadron "Rude Rams".

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1/48 Meng
Painted with: Tamiya XF80 + Hataka FS36170 (RAM panels)
Tamiya XF56 + Hataka FS36170 (Have Glass V gray)
Tamiya XF85 (cockpit)
varnishes: Block50Store Gloss
Block50Store Satin (final finish)
armament comes from leftover F-16 Kinetic, consists of 6 GBU-12, 2x AIM-9X and 2x AIM-120C
the F.O.Ds were made by 3D printing
The Remove Before Flight tagas are Photo Etchings by Eduard

A nice model, easy to assemble, but that requires attention and dedication when painting details, ram panels and reaching the complicated tone and Have glass effect of the paint of these airplanes.

Francisco Gutierrez Medina

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Photos and text by Francisco Gutierrez Medina