1/48 Kinetic F-84F Thunderstreak

Gallery Article by Carl Jarosz on June 11 2021



F-84F Thunderstreak Belgian Air Force No. 3 Squadron
I’ve built and submitted several Kinetic F-84F models in the recent past, and have offered why I prefer this model maker over others who produce this same type of jet. 

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I came across this distinctive decal sheet offered by DACO (of Belgium), showing the strikingly attractive markings for the Belgium Air Force No. 3 Squadron, as worn in 1965-66. I just had to buy and build yet another Kinetic kit upon which I could adorn these decals.

Besides previous enhancements to my submissions, e.g. hand-fashioned wheel chocks from molded sprue, I went one better for this build: From a picture of the characteristic F-84F boarding ladder, found in a Squadron booklet “The F-84F in Action” - and knowing there weren’t any available on the market - I scaled, then fashioned from sheet styrene and steel wire the boarding ladder shown in the accompanying photos.

Carl Jarosz

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