1/48 Classic Airframes Blenheim Mk.1

Gallery Article by Tamer Ozkan on Apr 23 2021

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The origin of the Bristol “Blenheim” was an executive monoplane called Type-142 with a capacity of 6 passengers designed and produced for the Daily Mirror in 1934. The military version of the plane was designed in 1935. It was initially called Type-142M which was changed to “Blenheim Mk.1” later on. 1351 examples of this model were produced. 

40 examples of MK.I, joined the TuAF at different dates. The first were composed of 12 Mk.Is 2 of which were sent on Oct.1937 and the remaining 10 on Feb.1938 in accordance with the contract signed in 1936 foreseeing the modernisation of the TuAF. Later in 1938-1939 18 more Mk.Is and in Sept.1939 the last 10 Mk.Is joined the TuAF.

Blenheims were started to be dropped out of active duty starting in 1944 and the last example was retired in 1947. (

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The kit was Classic Airframes. A lot of work and patience needed especially on the resin parts. I did not have change to check the Airfix Kit. I would like to thank Mr Ozkan Turker for the Historical and technical documents.

Enjoy the photos.

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