1/72 ArtModel MiG-23UB

Gallery Article by Patrick Vossenberg on Mar 24 2021



This ArtModel kit comes with a detailed resin exhaust and two resin cockpits. The IP's lack detail, so I used a prepainted Eduard Zoom PE set for these and then mixed the cockpit colors to match the PE. Some parts to detail the exterior were also taken from the same Eduard set. I added a bit of wiring in the gear wells and on the landing gear struts, some detail on top of the backseater IP, splitter plates in the intakes, a Pavla vacform canopy, Armory wheels and a Master pitot tube.

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Overall, the kit sports nicely engraved details. However, the fit of the fuselage parts is typical for a limited run kit: pretty difficult. The resin exhaust seemed to be too wide to fit the fuselage, so getting this to fit properly was a bit of a struggle. Surprisingly, the cockpits fit perfectly without any extra work. I used Gunze and Tamiya paints to finish the aircraft in Angola AF colours, timeframe ca. 1985. Decals and stencils are from the kit, working just fine, except the roundels as the black and red 'yin & yang' symbols are not correct. RV Aircraft's MiG-21 decal sheet came to the rescue.

To add a bit of 'couleur locale', I attempted to build a simple base. 

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Patrick Vossenberg

Photos and text by Patrick Vossenberg