1/12 Tamiya Yamaha Virago

Gallery Article by Greg Kerry on Jan 5 2021

Silly Week 2021



This original kit is of a pretty hideous 1980s factory so-called custom. I decided to customize it as I would like to do if it were a real full-sized machine.

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All the over-shiny chrome had to go. Covers over the carbs were also discarded and something like sportier air filters fitted to the twin carbs.

The seat and rear fender were extensively re-modelled. Otherwise, it was down to painting. I went with an understated light blue-grey which seems to contrast nicely with the semi-gloss black engine. More contrast comes from the grey exhaust system - all paints I happened to have already more often used to camouflage planes and vehicles.

Cables were made from anything other than the over-scale nonsense Tamiya still insist on including with their bikes kits (as do all manufacturers of similar kits to be fair).

This was a very satisfying little project especially given these older Tamiya bike kits are relatively economical now.

Greg Kerry

Photos and text by Greg Kerry