1/48 Academy SU-30MK2 Flanker, X Anniversary

Gallery Article by RSK48, Rafael on Dec 10 2020



SU-30MK2 Flanker, X Anniversary
Today December 10th 2020, is the commemoration of the 100 Year Anniversary of the Venezuela Air Force.

On December 10, 1920, with the advice of the French aviation firm Farman, the first Venezuelan Military Aviation School was inaugurated; officially giving the beginning of Military Aviation in Venezuela. Today December 10, 2020 commemorates the one hundred years of this event. Celebrating these 100 Years Anniversary, I present this SU-30 MK2 Flanker G, belonging to the Venezuelan Air Force.

In 2006, the Venezuelan Air Force bought 24 Su-30 MK2 (Flanker G) aircraft from Russia, with these aircraft the old Mirages 50EV / DV were replaced. It is equipped with two NPO Saturn AI-31F turbofan engines, with 12,500 kg of thrust. Its max speed is 2.0 Mach. It has a GSh-301 internal barrel of 30mm and 150 cartridges. Equipped with 12 hard points, with a load capacity of 8,000 Kg. It can load with air-to-air missiles R-27, R-73 and R-77; Kh-31 anti-ship missiles; air-ground Kh-29 and Kh-59; guided bombs and free fall bombs.

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To build the SU-30 MK2 Flanker G, with the 10th Anniversary of operation tail art, celebrated in 2016, I used the Academy model (1:48 sale) SU-27UB, which required multiple modifications and additions to convert it to the SU-30MK. Many pieces were manufactured in house (scratchbuilt): including the front windshield, nose antenna, 2nd. front wheel, the base and IRST (infrared pod), fuel refill tube and pit, and many other parts and modifications. After marketing resin parts were used: the cabin and seats from Wolfpack and the nose from Quick Boost.

The decals were mostly made in-house, including the X Anniversary tail art. The paints used are acrylics from Model Master (Testor).

RSK48, Rafael

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Photos and text by RSK48, Rafael