1/48 Roden Gotha G.IV

Gallery Article by Rafi Ben-Shahar on Dec 1 2020  



You can enjoy the build of complex WWI models. At the 1/72nd scale, Roden's Gotha is handy to work on and does not require from you to detail the blank areas found on larger scales. Rigging is tedious, but I used copper wires that are stiff and easy to shape. No drilling and pulling threads. 

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The model itself is a mixed bag. Much cleaning is required. Wings are nicely molded, but the fuselage required a hefty amount of putty. Engine nacelles joints to the wings are problematic, particularly in this sub variant. I inserted steel wires to secure the position of the fragile structure and to maintain the correct dihedral angle. 

Enjoy the photos.

Rafi Ben-Shahar

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Photos and text by Rafi Ben-Shahar