1/48 Hasegawa F-16A and B 20th Anniversary

Gallery Article by RSK48, Rafael on Sept 21 2020



F-16A and B 20th Anniversary, Venezuela Air Force
Continuing with the commemoration in 2020, of the 100 Year Anniversary of the Venezuela Air Force.

In 2003 Venezuelan F-16 completed 20 Years of operation in the FAV (Venezuelan Air Force), and for this commemoration, two aircraft were decorated with tale art, with the 20th Anniversary insignia of the Dragons Fighter Group placed on the rudder of F-16A serial No.0220 and F16-B Serial No. 2337.

Although currently, Venezuelan F-16s are still active, it is unknown how many of them are still operational, due to the seizure of spare parts made by the US Government.

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The base model used to build the F-16A No.0220, is the F-16CJ “Misawa Japan” of the USAF, from Hasegawa, scale 1/48, which I transformed to F-16A, using some parts of a F-16A Italeri model (parachute housing tail, vertical stabilizer, gun and others). Also, I used some "aftermarket" parts: the wheels are from Eduard, pilot cabin and seats are from Avionix resin; the nozzle is from Aires. Many pieces were made at home (scratchbuilt), such as the antenna of the nose, lights, internal parts in the wheel bays and others. The armament: LGB Lizzard bombs and POD Litening are from the Hasegawa armament set. Paints applied are MM acrylics. Most all decals were made at home, including the tale art.

The F-16B model N.2337, is also from Hasegawa F-16B Plus, "Top Gun U.S. Naval Aviation Centennial”, scale 1/48. I added Paragon resin “parachute housing tale”; pilots cabin, seats and exhaust nozzle are from Aires, and resin wheels from Eduard. Many details were “scratchbuilt”, Paint used are MM acrylics. Many decals were homemade, except the tail art that are decals from Mexican company AZTEC. 

RSK48, Rafael

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