1/350 Polar Lights ISS Excalibur

Gallery Article by Shawn "phantom" Weiler on Sept 11 2020



This model was a bonus for me. Soon I will show you my model off the USS Constellation. Before I started the HUGE modification of that ship, I was worried about screwing that model up. I found that Polar Lights released a saucer only. Two major pieces of plastic and nothing else. In case I screwed things up I bought the extra. On the same web site I found the expansion pack on sale. REALLY cheap. I bought that and the very expensive decal sheet to make ships other then Enterprise. Well. The Constellation turned up better then I planned. I had a bunch of parts left over....So I might as well use them.

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So Star Trek, a little show that's been around for 54 years now. In 1967 there was an episode, "The Ultimate Computer".  In that episode Most of the USS Enterprise crew was removed and the M-5 Computer system was tested.  Things did not go well in a 5 ship war game to test the system. The M-5 fired Enterprises weapons at full power, instead of drill rounds, heavily damaging the USS Lexington, Potemkin and Hood. The Excalibur was lost. All crew killed. But the ship was still in one piece. Now, the Federation would no doubt de-commission the ship as a grave. But what about the evil alternate universe???

Remember the episode Mirror- Mirror? Lets assume the battle happened in the alternate universe as well.

The emperor would not have any trouble having the dead crew removed and the ship repaired. After all. Starships are expensive. So I used the pilot pack to get the bridge and impulse engines to put on the saucer I had. I made the grey area near the impulse engines out of parts left over from my Constellation build. Then I added 12 LED lights and a display stand. Also I used the names and numbers from the very expensive decal sheet I bought to make another ship. No point only using 10% of a expensive sheet when I can use 20%. Oh, and also the evil universe markings to do the "ISS Excalibur."

Simple build, almost a free model. Makes much more sense then not using the extra parts I had.


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Photos and text by Shawn "phantom" Weiler