1/72 MisterCraft PZL P-11c

Gallery Article by Thomas Brückelt on Sept 21 2020



This PZL P.11c was made from the MisterCraft kit in 1/72.  "K.O.P." is written on the box but it´s not explained what it means, so I asked my friend Michal from Poland and the Polish Aviation Museum in Cracow, which is really impressive, I´ve already been there in 2012:  http://muzeumlotnictwa.pl/muzeum/en/ 

Thanks to Michal and the museum I found out that it means "Korpus Ochrony Pogranicza" (Border Guard Corps). 

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It´s a simple kit, the parts are fitting well and it comes with a decal sheet which allows 4 paint schemes (four Polish and one Russian). 

I added details inside (structures on the side walls, instrument panel) the cockpit and added a pilot figure from another kit. The pilot pulls the stick back, so I cut off the elevators and fixed them again in a pulled position. 

On the outside I added some more details out of stretched sprue. I also had to deepdraw a new canopy, because I´ve lost the original one from the kit. 

The model was painted with brush and enamels from Revell.  I sprayed flat, clear varnish over it. 

Greetings from Germany

Thomas Brückelt

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Photos and text © by Thomas Brückelt