1/48 Tamiya Beaufighter TF.X

Gallery Article by Shawn "phantom" Weiler on Sept 9 2020



I know less about the Beaufighter then I did about the Mosquito. But I do know 404 Squadron used them in the anti shipping and sub battles of World War two. One plane would often attack first with rockets, as the model is made. Then after the target was softened up another would come in with bombs or torpedo to finish the target off.

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Tamiya made a kit here that is hard to screw up, simple and a real joy to build. The landing gear bays really impressed me. The moving crew hatches are also a real nice touch that stay in the closed position unless you get your grubby fingers in there to open them up..

The decals are from Aviaeology which I have used a couple times before. This sheet must have been really old as the marking did not want to release from the backing paper and needed many many coats of solvo set to get to lay down nice. One of the "E"s actually shrunk after 2 days on the model and I had to build a new one from the letter "H" still on the sheet. But they ended up good.


Photos and text by Shawn "phantom" Weiler