1/32 Trumpeter A-10 A Thunderbolt II

Gallery Article by Victor De Jesus on Sept 4 2020



This is one of my ancient builds and my very first work with a high end kit. This was an OOB build and the paint scheme was done with Testors rattle spray cans. This is a superb kit with no fit issues, and I don't recall using any putty to cover up anything.  This is a huge airplane once it is put together and it takes a lot of room in my display case. 

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Even though the final product looks nice, I wish I would have had left this kit in the waiting stash since my skills at the time of this build were rather weak. I can't wait for the time machine to come up so I could go back in time and do justice to this kit. 

As always, I gave it a full weapons load (probably unrealistic), but it was to show the amazing payload this war bird can carry into combat. Every time I saw this aircraft in action (both training and combat) I always told myself "I am glad I am not at the receiving end of it".

Victor De Jesus

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Photos and text by Victor De Jesus