1/32 Revell F-15E Eagle

Gallery Article by Victor De Jesus on July 31 2020



This is a rebuild of  a kit that I upgraded from a D to an E version. Items added to improve it includes ejection seats from True Details, Monokio 335th Squadron decal sheet, Two Bobs Aim-9 Sidewinder and Aim 7 Sparrow decal sheets, and Edward Brassin CBU-105 cluster bombs.

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Since the Revell kit doesn't include the side rails to carry the cluster bombs, I had to create them from scratch and attached them to the side fuel tanks. I purchased the belly long rail bomb carrier from a Tamiya kit in E-Bay and performed a mini surgery to align them to the fuselage. I added the targeting pods and external fuel tanks (wrong size) from a F-18 and used JDAM's, GBU-10's and a GBU-16 from my spare bomb arsenal.  

The initial build of this kit was substantially flawed as I had gaps and uneven areas I had to address before repainting it. I also opened up several vents throughout the fuselage to add some dimension to it. The top vent (silver) behind the cockpit was actually a part of a Tamiya kit that I was lucky enough to successfully use with this kit. The only thing I wish I would had purchased and added was the metal landing gear. This is a huge airplane and the included landing gear barely supports the weight of it.

Victor De Jesus

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Photos and text by Victor De Jesus