1/72 Eduard Spad XIII

Gallery Article by Greg Kerry on July 22 2020



I haven't made many WWI subjects lately. Only reasons I made this, is because a colleague gave me the Eduard kit which he'd started but not managed to finish, and also I had the Airwaves white metal RFC figures to use up.

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I found the Eduard kit a bit of a trial. It's just like old Airfix kits ofyore in that all the wing struts are individual items meaning you just have to make some kind of jig to align them properly. They were so fine I ruined some of them by using too much liquid cement and had to make replacements from stretched sprue. Then there are a few tiny etched brass parts that are just too, er, tiny, for my aged fingers these days. Decals, on the other hand are a work of art. Finally, the model looked pretty good until I placed it next to the figures when it looked altogether too small . . .

The thing I was much happier with in this diorama was the farm cart. The same colleague who gave me the Spad also presented me with some US Civil War gaming figures - which were not so good (a hundred figures in about three different poses). But there were cannons - more specifically cannon wheels which allowed me to scratchbuild the cart.

Last point of interest here is the figure at the back. He is actually Louis Bleriot from the old Frog Trailblazer kit. Fifty years old if he's a day.

Greg Kerry

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Photos and text by Greg Kerry