1/48 Roden T-28C

Gallery Article by Nathan on July 13 2020



My wife bought me an airbrush and so I built this as a gift to my Dad. Markings are not 100% accurate for the Bureau number modeled with the kit, I exercised some freedom with that and tried for a more generic example. The concept was to represent a cross country training flight returning to California in the late 1970s. I also wanted to model a carrier capable trainer used on the LEXINGTON as this was the crucible of flight training. 

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Only aftermarket I used were resin weighted wheels by Royale Resin. Rest of it is built out of the box or I modified/scratch built. Paints are a mix of different types/brands I had around or what I could afford when I needed something. Much of the base color is Tamiya acrylic and US Art Supply acrylics. Pledge floor gloss used as gloss coat. I had problems tearing the decals working them onto the surface. But, I hope you like my work.

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Photos and text by Nathan