1/72 Hobbyboss Me262, Assorted Vehicles & Figures

Gallery Article by Greg Kerry on July 13 2020



The Me262 is another economical example of an Easy Assembly kit that lives up to its designation pretty well. So, little to say about it then.

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The truck and AA gun are both very, very old kits which means I can't remember their respective manufacturers. The Kettenrad though is a newer product from Academy and is a little gem. The more emaciated figures here are from Preiser, the somewhat beefier ones from Airwaves in white metal.

Everything was brush-painted in Tamiya acrylics, washed and drybrushed in tubed acrylics. The base is nothing more than scrap insulation board covered in white glue-soaked tissue. The wooden boards are individually cut from ice-lolly sticks. "Grass" is green tea. In retrospect I wish I had made the groundwork dirtier and darker rather than so sandy-looking and maybe put some sandbags or something around the AA gun. Still, that's life. Do better next time . . .

Greg Kerry

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Photos and text by Greg Kerry