1/72 Bird Models Junkers EF 126 Stage 2

Gallery Article by Thomas Brückelt on July 9 2020



There were different layouts of the Junkers EF 126, the design was made in 1944. Some had skids and there was a proposal with landing gear all should be powered by one or two pulsejets. Five prototypes were built and flown after the war in Dessau (Germany) and later in Russia. One has crashed during the landing approach and killed the pilot. Because of the lack of the RATO units which were necessary for acceleration for take off, the plane was towed by a Ju 88. The work on this plane was stopped in 1948. 

First it was planned to use it as a fighter, but the performance of the pulsejets was insufficient in higher altitudes, so it should used as a ground attack aircraft. 

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I ignored this and built my model as a fighter, because I didn´t want to fly a plane which knows only full throttle or nothing in low altitudes... 

I improved some things: I added sidewalls, stick, instrument panel, gunsight and avionics inside the cockpit. I made a new, deepdrawn canopy, which is larger than the one inside the kit. The pulsejet is from Humas He 280, the rear tube is a aluminium tube. I replaced the landing gear from my spare parts and added RATO units (Rheinmetall Borsig R 109-502) from Airmodel products 

The model was painted with brush, I used colors from Revell and took decals from other kits and from Peddinghaus, because no decals are included. 

The model was sealed with flat, clear varnish. 

Greetings from Germany 

Thomas Brückelt

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