1/72 Hobby Boss Petlyakov Pe-2

Gallery Article by HF Fung on July 3 2020



This is the Hobby Boss 1/72 Petlyakov Pe-2, Peshka 'Unknown Unit', Sharashka, USSR, 1940.

The famous dive bomber of Soviet World War II was said to have been completed in its communist prison (Sharashka), Creator Dr. Petlyakov watched the prototype test flight from prison.

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This time, we did the naked metal coating, because this time, the focus is to test the bump skin texture, so that the general camouflage does not show any effect.

Some scratch built here and there, including the whole cockpit interior, antenna, landing lamp, fuselage windows, dive brake, etc., as the kit has minimal detail. Some other details are also not very accurate. Meanwhile The shape and fit is fairly well.

I chose a what-if fictional bare metal scheme as l hope it shows better the result of my experiment on stressed skin impression. I enjoy quite a lot the product though the process was kinda boring.

HF Fung

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Photos and text by HF Fung