1/32 Revell RF-4B Phantom #208

Gallery Article by Shawn "phantom" Weiler on June 22 2020



This model........this model. Wow. Found it at a store really cheap. The decals were VERY obviously done. Not surprising as I believe this kit was made around 40 years ago. The cockpit is a joke. So I ordered some Areo bonus pilots in ejection seats. The seats are the best part of this model. I had to cut out the kit seats which are molded to the floor of the cockpit. I added rear walls Which helped a bit. I left the canopies as per the kit. Movable. As is the tail hook and wing tips.

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The kit also comes with one engine which can be shown with the rear panel open. Well, you would never see pilots in the aircraft with doors open. Closing the door showed a very warped piece of plastic. I had to add new doors out of sheet plastic on both sides to get the model to look right. The kit is really more a RF-4E then a RF-4B. I left the engine exhausts as per the kit but did modify the front landing gear door to the Navy way.

The kit decals were of course art least 40 years old, and nasty. Also the scheme grey and white with a lot of red did not float my boat. I found a company (I think) out of Russia , CTA which made the scheme I wanted. Alps printed but rather nice and not too pixelated. Once I was ready to order I found they had sold out of 1/32. Lucky for me, Hannets in England had a set. So, this American plane and model has Russian decals bought from England, and all put together in Canada.


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Photos and text by Shawn "phantom" Weiler