1/72 Hobbyboss Heinkel He 162 & Airfix Vehicles

Gallery Article by Greg Kerry on June 23 2020



This uses the Easy Assembly He 162 which is a reasonable little kit. Here, I chopped the wings off to make it fit the Queen Mary Trailer and tied it on with cotton thread.

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The diorama is supposed to represent the end of WWII when the Allies were all competing to get hold of German technology. The Trailer and Coles Crane are from the classic Airfix Recovery set. The other truck originally came with the Bofors AA Gun, while the small trailer attached to that came from who knows where - and why the British Army should want a Junkers aero engine is quite beyond me. And why did they apparently ignore the pile of Henschel missiles in the corner?

RAF figures came with the Recovery set; infantry are from Caesar Miniature.  The Airfix vehicles may have some inaccuracy issues but for me their only problem was a lack of cab transparencies.

Greg Kerry

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Photos and text by Greg Kerry