1/72 AModel Pilatus PC-12/47E

Gallery Article by Al Randall on June 22 2020



Pilatus PC-12/47E Serial: 1836 was delivered to the Royal Flying Doctor Service base at Adelaide, SA on 29/01/2019 after a one week transfer journey from its birthplace in Stans, Switzerland. The registration of this aircraft, VH-JDN, pays tribute to Jimmy Darcy, whose 1917 death in a remote area was the impetus for the creation of the service in 1928 by Rev. John Flynn. The first aircraft used by Flynn was a DH-50 “leased” from QANTAS. Today, the RFDS fleet is comprised of 68 aircraft based throughout Australia. 31 of these are PC-12s.

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Kit is from AModel (UA) in 1/72 scale. Decals from Ben at V-1 (CA). This aircraft is sponsored by Beach Energy whose logo appears on the aft fuselage. The kit is extremely tail heavy. If you’re building one, plan to add at least 28gr of forward ballast.

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Al Randall

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