1/32 Italeri F-35

Gallery Article by Federico Kunz on June 17 2020



Here is my F-35 in 1/32 by Italeri - A kit which happens to be impressive from the box! 

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It was pretty fun, though, several areas require filling & sanding - specially, the fuselage / wings. Transparencies come with a smoking effect. Decals, well printed but trend to fall off if dried & not treated right away. First 32nd in years, it gets difficult to fit within working area. Generally, fit trend to be not-uniform. Making is only provided for a partial section of the top fuselage - around 20% of what is actually required along the whole kit. 

Once finished, of course, looks awesome! - it took me several weeks as I did put it aside while doing some other projects as it gets challenging in several steps!

Federico Kunz

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Photos and text by Federico Kunz