1/48 Testor F-5A Freedom Fighter

Gallery Article by RSK48, Rafael on June 11 2020



F-5A Freedom Fighter, Venezuela Air Force

Continuing with the commemoration in 2020, of the 100 Year Anniversary of the Venezuela Air Force.

The F-5 Freedom Fighters aircraft operated in Venezuela Air Force (FAV) from the beginning of the 1970s until 2014, when they went out of service. The first planes were purchased from Canada and later F-5A and B were also purchased from the Netherlands.

The model shown is the F-5A # 6018, with tailart (located on the vertical stabilizer), of the Grifo Project (project to upgrade the Venezuelan F-5s carried out in 1991).

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The kit used is the Testor F-5A Freedom Fighter (1/48 scale model), very poor in detail, so I had to do a ton of scratch; including the cockpit, ejection seats, antennas, tanks (type of Coca Cola bottle) at the ends of the wings, and a lot of other details.

The four MK-82 bombs are from the Hasegawa Armament Kit. All decals of the F-5A 6018, including the tailart, are homemade (custom made). The paint is Model Master acrylic applied with an airbrush.

RSK48, Rafael

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Photos and text by RSK48, Rafael