1/32 Czech Model T-Bird, CT-133 Silver Star

Gallery Article by Shawn "phantom" Weiler on June 4 2020



I like the T-bird, almost as much as the Phantom. But a couple things, Canada flew them for over 60 years, and one flies almost every weekend from the airport just down the road. Nice LOUD plane.

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This is the 5th time I have built this model. This one took a little more putty then some of the others. In fact I had to sand and putty the intakes 3 times to get the right coverage. Oh well that is modelling.

I was going to do this model bright and shinny like most of the others. Until I noticed the one scheme I had yet to do. 1970s in Germany green. The exact paint colour used in real life is not 100% known. The paint supplied by two different manufactures in fact looked very different on the real planes. So I used a combination of first NATO Green by Tamiya. Then Model Master dark green in a light overspray. Then some Model Master green drab for some weathering. I think it turned out pretty close. 

I also included a photo with 2 1/48 models of this same airframe, 133345. One in special markings and one painted later in service. 133345 was one of the last planes stationed in Germany by Canada. In the 90s it was returned to Canada and issued to 419 then 434 squadrons. I "believe" 133345 is now painted up as 133434 and mounted on a pole just inside CFB Greenwood Nova Scotia. I also included a photo of its "in time" buddy a1974 Starfighter. Then a family shot of my big scale Shooting Stars.


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Photos and text by Shawn "phantom" Weiler