1/48 ARII North American P-51D Mustang

Gallery Article by Juan C Gómez Y Sarzotti on May 26 2020



Hello everyone. Here´s my representation of the famous North American P-51D Mustang, as flown by Major Meyer in WWII. The kit is from Arii, a rebox of the Otaki one. Cheap and good enough. In my humble opinion, a very competitive kit in terms of money paid for it and what you can obtain from it. 

The blue nose was painted with Sicko acrilics, the fuselage was painted with AMMO acrilic paints. Decals were from the spare decals bag and from the kit (national insignias). The pilot was hand painted with acrilics too.

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The kit represents a Mustang of the 487 F.S., 352 F.G., flown by Major John C. Meyer who was the fourth highest scoring American pilot in the E.T.O. with 24 aerial victories.

I enjoyed the building a lot, it was a trouble free one and I have another ARII Mustang waiting in the stash with plenty of decals to choose from. 

Stay safe everyone.

Juan C Gómez Y Sarzotti

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Photos and text © by Juan C Gómez Y Sarzotti