1/48 Scratchbuilt Morane Saulnier 230

Gallery Article by RSK48, Rafael on May 28 2020



Morane Saulnier 230, Venezuela Air Force

Continuing with the commemoration in 2020, of 100 Year Anniversary of the Venezuela Air Force.

This is my Morane Saulnier 230 training aircraft, which I totally scratchbuilt. This aircraft operated in Venezuelan military aviation during the 1930s.

The two-seater aircraft of French origin: Morane Saulnier 230 was used as a training and observation aircraft by the military forces of France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal and many other countries including Venezuela. The Venezuelan military aviation already had three Morane Saulnier147 (Parasol), when it acquired in 1930, three additional, more advanced Morane Saulnier 230 aircraft, which operated until the end of that decade.

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To build this airplane, I found some detail drawings on the internet, I used balsa wood as a base, lined with plastic sheets, plastic sheets of different thicknesses, a wooden popsicle stick to build the propeller; I also used a spare resin motor, and wheels of another models. The paints used are acrylic from Model Master, the decals are home made. 

I added some photos of the construction process.

RSK48, Rafael

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Photos and text by RSK48, Rafael