1/48 Monogram PBJ-1J Mitchell

Gallery Article by Sean Langley on May 21 2020



Here we have Monogram’s old B-25J Mitchell in 1/48, finished as a PBJ-1J of the US Marines. The markings are roughly the sort of thing VMB-413 was using in the SW Pacific in early 1944. Additional parts are: wheels from True Details, guns from Quickboost, and the radar pod from the Obscureco “hose-nose” conversion. 

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I actually bought Quickboost’s cheek packs, but they don’t fit round the curves of the Mitchell’s fuselage, so I used only the barrels. I also had to throw away most of the Obscureco nose because it didn’t match either and would have been a nightmare to cut-and-shut. Profiling the very solid pod on the top was a long job (finally got my investment back on some small chisels I bought years ago) and it turns out to be slightly too short anyway. Still, I got more from all that than from the Verlinden engine set, which doesn’t fit at all, being quite a bit overscale.

It’s a Monogram kit, so raised panel lines, so fully rescribed. The paintwork is Halfords white primer underneath, with three shades from Sovereign Colourcoats (the old White Ensign range) for the blues. Some of them take some work for a full coat, but they’re worth it. The markings are Fantasy Printshop (the white numerals) and, I think, Accurate Miniatures, donated by a friend because the kit roundels were too dark and fell to bits on contact with water.

Plus, of course, a lot of lead. Good thing they painted over the nose glazing.

Sean Langley

Photos and text © by Sean Langley