1/32 Kitty Hawk Models Mirage 2000C

Gallery Article by Paolo Yuen on May 15 2020



This is the Kitty Hawk Models the new 1/32 Mirage 2000 kits. I straight build from box and used the kit's decal Taiwan Air Force.

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I know the cockpit are incorrect when choose ROACF, this is why I had closed canopy, I only amended the outside to make it similar to ROACF, many of the detailed had closed but it was not fitted well have to take many times to fill gaps!  When wings had join to the fuselage it have lot of gaps I used Deluxe Perfect putty to filled and used water to clean up, it was much easy and faster!

ROACF did not have pitot tube and air refuse pod. The instruction provided color number are not match to real, l used aftermarket decal instruction for reference and find out some match color I used Mr. Color 338 for all parts and No.308 for the darker pattern, then mixed white or dark color for the shadow or high light! Wheel bay and nozzle l used Gaianotes 1000 Stainless steel color.

Paolo Yuen

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Photos and text by Paolo Yuen