1/72 Fujimi Aichi D3A1 Type 99 'Val'

Gallery Article by Bob TheDoc on May 11 2020



The Aichi D3A was the primary carrier-borne dive bomber of the Imperial Japanese Navy in WW II, and it was one of the aircraft used in the famous attack at Pearl Harbor. The 'Val' is credited with sinking more Allied warships than any other aircraft. Later on in the course of the war, Vals were assigned to land-based units, smaller carriers and training roles. 

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The Fujimi 1:72 kit is a pleasant build overall, with no major issues. The cockpit is extremely sparse, but it remains mostly hidden due to the extensive canopy framing, so I left it that way and didn't add any additional detail. Fit is average, and the exterior details are nicely represented. 

I built the kit over 4-5 days, in one of the two kit supplied schemes - a Val from the IJN carrier Akagi. Paints are acrylic, finished with an oil wash and matte coat. 

Best wishes from India...

Bob TheDoc

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Photos and text by Bob TheDoc