1/48 & 1/144 Revell F-19 Stealth Fighter 

1980s Stealth Dreams

Gallery Article by Thomas Brückelt on May 11 2020



Here is my F-19-project. The F-19 was never a real planned aircraft. Lockheed just published drawings of a stealth fighter with a good aerodynamic shape when they worked on the top secret Lockheed XST and F-117 and called it "F-19". In fact they were not able to combine a good aerodynamic shape with stealth characteristics, because the computers in those days were not powerful enough. 

A certain time ago I was in luck to buy the old 1/48 kit of the F-19 from Revell in ebay, which is very hard to get. It came without box and had no instructions, that made the kit cheap. On youtube I found a nice (french) kit review, in which the manual is shown very well:

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Inside the cockpit I added a nice figure from PJ Production (F-16 / F-18 pilot seated in a/c - #481123). Revell placed a sidestick on the left side panel. I did not agree and placed it on the right side. On the left side instead I installed self made thrust levers. A wooden block with a silicone tube inside was glued inside the fuselage to plug in the rod of the display later.

The model was painted with brush. I could not use the decal sheet anymore, so I used one for F-117s from Print Scale (# 48-112). Good stuff, printed in a high quality! After I attached some decals of this sheet, I sealed the model with clear, flat varnish from Tamiya.

Further I had the idea to make three F-19-versions from the Revell kit in 1:144 and place them beside the large model.

The moulds of the kit are in a very bad condition after many years in production, so a lot of rework is necessary to make a good looking model out of this old kit.

I had the idea to make a A-version (almost out of the box), a B-version (twoseater) and a C-Verison (Navy-version with larger wing area and bubble canopy). The B- and C-versions were my own creations.

All of them got beautiful pilots from Heroes Models:

The cockpits were also built from scratch. For all models I made deepdrawn canopies.  For the A version I used the original canopy to make a mould out of it. The moulds for the B- and C-version I made out of wood. I painted them in shiny black to get a smooth surface. 

Also the small models were painted with brush. For the A-Version I used the decal sheet from the kit. For the B-Version I used the decal sheet of Revells F/A-18D Hornet "Wild Weasel" (#4064). The Navy-fighter got also some decals from this sheet, but the most markings I printed by myself.

It was fun to build those old kits and put some creativity into this project.

Enjoy the pictures!

Greetings from Germany

Thomas Brückelt

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Photos and text © by Thomas Brückelt