1/48 Testors CT-133 Silver Star Mk.1

Gallery Article by Shawn "phantom" Weiler on May 4 2020



This Testors Shooting Star has been modified into a Lockheed built Silver Star Mk1. Briefly used by Canada in the early 50s until Canada started pumping out its own Nene engined Silver Star Mk.3s. The Testors is the poor cousin to the Academy/Hobbycraft kits. Poor fit and zero gear bays.

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Had to add wing tips, that was not too hard. The fun part was sourcing the right wing tanks. Turns out I was cleaning my model stash one day and found these tanks in another box. Not sure where these tanks are from but they looked close enough.

The decals, very minimal are from the spare bin. This airframe only served a couple years before it was sent back to the US, then moved on to Greece.


Photos and text by Shawn "phantom" Weiler