1/72 Trumpeter Nanchang Q-5C

Gallery Article by Bob TheDoc on May 7 2020



The Q-5 (or A-5, as the export version is called) is derived from the J-6 (F-6), a Chinese reverse-engineered MiG-19. It is a dedicated attack version, with an internal weapons bay, a different nose section and the air intakes moved to the fuselage sides. The A-5 was exported to a few countries - in India's neighbourhood Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar operate(d) it. 

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This kit is a more or less standard Trumpeter offering - great fit and finish, questionable accuracy. The box includes both Chinese as well as Pakistani schemes, and I chose the latter. Reference to numerous photos of PAF A-5s showed some inaccuracies - I corrected a couple and ignored the others. The kit has a very sparse cockpit, but is otherwise nicely detailed; and builds up quite well. Decals settle down snugly with Gunze solutions. There are no stencils whatsoever, though.

I built it in about six days, during the lockdown that's prevailing over large parts of the world right now (April 2020). It's painted in the Pakistan Air Force camouflage scheme (I find it more appealing than the Chinese schemes) using acrylics, finished with an oil wash and a matte coat.

Best wishes from India...

Bob TheDoc

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Photos and text by Bob TheDoc