1/72 Hobby Boss Dewoitine D.520

Gallery Article by Bob TheDoc on May 1 2020



The Dewoitine was a French WW II fighter aircraft that was actually a match for the German fighters of the time, but was not available in sufficient numbers to make a difference to the air war. They were used by the Vichy French after the fall of France, as also by the Free French, the Italians and a few other countries. 

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This kit is one of Hobby Boss's easy kits, and is a fun build. Only a few parts, but of superb quality and nice detail - builds up in no time at all.  The cockpit is very sparse and has practically nothing in it, as is more or less the norm in these kits. Decals are of good quality.

I built it in about three days, and most of that went in masking and painting it in Vichy French colours, since I was mainly aiming to have some fun and make a colourful model. Painted with acrylics, finished with an oil wash and matte coat.

Best wishes from India...

Bob TheDoc

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Photos and text by Bob TheDoc