1/72 Revell PB4Y-2 Privateer

Gallery Article by Pablo Angel Herrera on Mar 30 2020



Hi folks, long time since my last submission. Here I present you the Privateer in 1/72. This one was boxed by Revell although the only mold in town was originally issues by Matchbox many decades ago.

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I have always liked this plane as it is rather rare to look at in shows and its service was somewhat short, so when I found a copy at my LHS I didn't think it twice. I took a look at it and immediately saw the very fine, thin raised panel lines. They would certainly fade with a hand of paint so I decided to rescribe them. This was my first attempt at rescribing detail, I took the opportunity to add some panels to the wings as the original detail was just for 2-3 lines across the wings. 

I added some scratch detail to the interiors but with the thick clear parts not much can be seen after. I wrote the word "Pooch" by hand on the right side of the plane in reference to our 2-year old son. The B-24 in one of the pics is called "Cecilia" after my wife (you can see that plane here http://www.arcair.com/Gal15/14201-14300/gal14289-B-24-Herrera/00.shtm).

1/72 Academy B-24D Liberator by Pablo Angel Herrera
Hi folks, I hope you like this work. I found this kit on discount at my LHS and since long time I have liked the B-24 but for some reason didnīt have one so I bought it.


Pablo Angel Herrera

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Photos and text Đ by Pablo Angel Herrera