1/350 Polar Lights USS Enterprise NX-01, rebuilt

Gallery Article by Shawn "phantom" Weiler on Mar 18 2020



I originally built this kit in 2017. I used lights from a trashed kit, which have since burnt out. So I figured, with the Corona virus keeping me, and the rest of the world home I should repair it. Lucky for me, much of this kit was essentially a "snap together". The stern and engines however took many hours of bending and cutting to open up the glue.

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I added 20 new LEDs, the warp engines being large oversized bulbs worked better then I could have imagined.

It's all powered by a single 9volt battery. The repair and rebuild took a weekend. Before it was powered by 2 9 volt batteries and had far too many wires showing. With all the practice I have had with my other lit-up ships I was able to greatly reduce the weight, wires and added much more brightness.  Some silver paint to fix some damage as I ripped the ship apart, and now it looks MUCH better. This kit USED to be slightly hidden on my space ship shelves, now its back on top with the other 1/350 scale ships. Sometimes a rebuild can be a great and not too difficult thing.


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Photos and text by Shawn "phantom" Weiler