1/72 Revell F-5B (2x)

Gallery Article by Patrick Vossenberg on Mar 13 2020



The Revell F-5B is a reboxing of the older (but still good) ESCI kit, allowing for a pretty straightforward build with fairly decent fit overall. I did some work in the cockpits: scratch-built sidewall details, home-made HUDs, a bit of detail to the canopies and a couple of excellent Pavla resin seats were added in both aircraft.

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The kit includes the specific chaff/flare dispensers typical for a Dutch NF-5B, to which I added some photo-etch grills from the spares box. NF-5B suitable ECM antennae were added on both sides of the tail also. The flaps and slats on the Spanish aircraft were dropped slightly. For both aircraft, I also detailed the dragchute housing a bit. The centerline fuel tank on the Dutch aircraft is from the kit, while the SUU-20 practice bomb dispenser is taken from Academy’s F-15E, as I wanted to replicate a load-out typically shown on a lot of Spanish F-5B reference photos.

Paints are Humbrol enamels and Alclad shades for the BMF. Decals for both versions are from the kit: KLu NF-5B no. K-4015 from 316 sqn (stationed at Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 1990) and F-5B no. 4 from Ala 212 (operating from Morón AB, Spain, 1972). Weathering is my typical combination of airbrush shading and some washes.

Hope you enjoy the pics!

Patrick Vossenberg

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