1/1000 Polar Lights Constitution Class Starship

USS Defiant NCC-1762

Gallery Article by Shawn "phantom" Weiler on Jan 29 2020



Right now I am giving aircraft a break and building Star Trek models. This is the tiny 1/1000 scale Polar Lights Constitution Class NCC-1762 USS Defiant. The Defiant was the same class as Enterprise, but things did not go so well for the ships company. And not JUST the red shirts.

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Defiant got caught up in a inter-spacial rift, which caused murderous rampage on the crew. They all killed each other. The Enterprise wonders in and gets involved in a nasty bit of work with the Tholians. Episode ends. Then 40 years later we find out that Defiant was captured by Tholians of around 100 years earlier......(I know, makes little sense).

The Defiant was found by the "evil universe" NX-01 Enterprise, re-captured and put to good use blowing up the evil universes foes. Really, go watch the episode (In a Mirror darkly) its kick-ass!

Also included in the Polar Lights kit is a little DY-100, The "Botany Bay". Its meant as a go-along with the Enterprise from a excellent episode called "Space Seed. However, I have built the Enterprise enough times.


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Photos and text by Shawn "phantom" Weiler