Gallery Article by Brian Duddy on Jan 10 2020

Silly Week 2020



DEATH VALLEY, CALIFORNIA, High Noon --- 1941, Captain “Wild Bill” Kelso. Belushi drops in for some gas and soup and his P-40 gets away from him (“STOP THAT PLANE!”) in the Spielberg classic film, “1941.” “Fill ‘er up – Ethyl.” (A type of gasoline, not the name of the lady at the service station.)

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The Curtiss P-40E is in 1/32 scale by Hasegawa, and the figure of “Wild Bill” was converted from an Ultracast pilot figure with new arms and other bits from Alpine. The gas pumps are from the Academy/MRC Joe’s Service Station. The rest is scratchbuilt from Evergreen strip and sheet plastic, wire insulation, paper, etc. Wood base from the craft store, ground work from Durham’s wood putty and sand-colored tile grout which makes pretty good diorama dirt. The P-40 was airbrushed with Tamiya acrylics, olive drab and neutral gray. It has a nice resin cockpit and decals from Superscale. Verlinden map stuffed above the instrument panel and some scratchbuilt antennas on the fuselage. Photo etch Prop Blurs make the spinning prop effect. They look nice but are very fragile in this scale, so they needed clear sprue backing behind them to hold up and keep them from breaking off. The spilling gas is clear sprue and Woodland Scenics Realistic Water, tinted with yellow acrylic.

And now,,, To Hollywood, and Glory!!!!

Brian Duddy

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