1/48 AMK F-14D Super Tomcat

Gallery Article by Paolo Yuen on Dec 23 2019



My first time building the AMK Tomcat, it was built straight out of the box and I used the kit decals.

I sprayed aircraft white on the intake & front wheel bay, then sprayed grey color on cockpit and hand painted the details side panel I used decal, it was much fitted the size and easy used, vertical panel are hand painted! Missiles and many of the parts are one piece made easy to paint and use.

After the cockpit, I assembled the fuselage and filled gaps!

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I painted the front & rear fuselage separately, then joined the cockpit and front wheel bay, this is why there was no need for masking the wheel bay and cockpit before painted fuselage!

When the fuselage was joined together, I only had a small area fill gaps and repaint!

After it was all detailed painted and decaled I spray few layers of gloss to protect and can wash and put weathering. I sprayed some black and medium grey and put some salt to cover and spray the fuselage to make the weathering

I only replaced the metal pitot tube.

Paolo Yuen

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Photos and text by Paolo Yuen