1/72 PJ productions, Dassault Mirage M-5M Elkan

Gallery Article by Gerd Wilcken on Nov 28 2019



The Mirage 5 was developed by the French manufacturer Dassault due to an Israeli demand for a simplified Mirage III for its role as an earthattack aircraft. The complex radar equipment of the original version was saved.

The Mirage 5 is not only lighter but also much easier to maintain and cheaper. Furthermore, it could carry more weapons and fuel. Due to these circumstances, Dassault was able to export the Mirage 5 well. In the Chilean Airforce 18 Mirage MIRSIPs (referred to as "Elkan") and 15 Mirage "Pantera" flew until they were replaced by the F-16s. They were based at the air bases Los Condores ,Cerro Moreno and Chabunco (Patagonia).

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PJ production works with High Planes and so are plastic injection molded parts, as well as resin and photo etched parts and decals of both manufacturers in a box.

A multicolored paint scheme and the clear construction instructions complete the content.

Especially the resin parts for the cockpit and the seat are outstanding. However, I did not pass a pass here before and so I had great difficulty getting the front cockpit hood onto the fuselage. It is visible on the pictures. As a small bonus, there is still a ladder made of metal.

The decal sheet is printed perfectly on light blue backing paper. The painting details are for Federal Standard only and I found in a model magazine the following differences:

  • PJ: FS 34064 (Dark Green) to magazine FS 34096 (I used darkened FS 34079)

  • FS 34102 (Medium Green) to FS 34087

  • FS 30219 (Tan) to FS30340

I followed PJ and lightened the colors slightly. All colors of AK Real Colors.

Only one plane can be displayed:

  • Mirage M-5M Elkan, Grupo de Aviacion n.8, Cerro Moreno AB, Chile 2006.

A beautiful kit of the Mirage M-5M Elkan. This kit is highly recommended for the advanced modeler.

Gerd Wilcken

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Photos and text by Gerd Wilcken