1/72 Special Hobby Fouga CM.170 Magister / IAI Tzukit

Gallery Article by Gerd Wilcken on Nov 26 2019



The Magister is probably Fouga's most well know design. In 1948 the French Air Force were looking for a jet powered aircraft to replace the piston engine trainers. Replacing the first, underpowerd CM130, Fouga re-designed their aircraft with the more powerful Marbore engines, the CM170 Magister. The prototype Magister flew in 1952 with an order for the first 10 being placed in 1953. 

Development of the aircraft continued right up until the French selected its replacement, the Alpha Jet. Overseas sales were made to Germany, Belgium, Finland, Israel and nearly 30 other countries around the world. A total of 929 aircraft were built.

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The kit comes on four sprues of grey plastic, a clear sprue, and a small resin block with 5 smaller parts on it. The plastic parts are of very good quality, the panel lines are engraved and deep enough to be seen after painting without being trenches. The clear parts are crisp, clear and thin. The resin parts are for the under-fuselage antenna fitted to the different models. These parts are very small and to be "handled with care". 

I don`t use them!

For this model is a little bit for an experienced modeller, you have to follow the instructions carefully. and have some reference pictures of your version by the side!

The excellent decals are from Cartograf.  For two planes the dayglow stripes had been removed during war. They leave grey stains which are nearly impossible to reproduce. So I forget them. Markings are provided for four examples:

  • IAI Tzukit, IAF Flying School, Hatzerim AFB late 1980-2010

  • Fouga Magister, IAF Flyings School, Hatzerim AFB, Six Days War June 1967

  • Fouga Magister, IAF Flyings School, Hatzerim AFB, post War 1967

  • Fouga Magister, very first Fouga in Israel November 1967

I choose the Six Days War plane in IDF Blue (Vallejo Model Air FS 35177), Brown (Lifecolor FS 36118) and Light Gray from Revel Aqua Color. All colors were lightly lightened / darkened to match the original shades. Panel line wash with brown watercolors.

The original plane was a little shiny. But I use AK ultra matte varnish.

This is a welcome kit of an important and widely used trainer/light attack aircraft. The kit is highly detailed and should build up to an impressive if small model. Very highly recommended.

Gerd Wilcken

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Photos and text by Gerd Wilcken