1/48 Testors and Hobby Craft/Academy CT-133 Silver Star

Gallery Article by Shawn "phantom" Weiler on Nov 4 2019



Canada flew the Silver Star for over 60 years. These two are painted up in the 70's and 90's schemes in Germany. These were built in an ARC group build showing the differences in models of the same type for two different manufacturers or eras. I chose the very old mold of the Testors as the first choice. This is a old model with very poor ejection seats, a great deal of flash and absolutely zero detail for the landing gear bays. In fact I just placed stock card in the massive hole to make it look "a little" better. Mind you when done (and adding the blobs pretending to be pilots) the model is not half bad when done. Just don't look at the bottom of the model. It also comes with an engine and rack which are not quite right for the Nene powered Canadian plane.  The decals used are from Belchers bits and represent the late 70's early 80's scheme.

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I had intended to actually do three planes for this group build. I had a Hobby-Craft out and ready to go, opened up the very recently released Academy......and found the exact same kit! Advantages over this not so new mold are, dropped flap, Much nicer cockpit and landing gear. You do not need to add the little boxes (air vents) on the nose that the Canadian planes had. 

This model received decals from Canuck decals. and represents a CT-133 from the 90's.Its a very nice kit out of the box. 


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Photos and text by Shawn "phantom" Weiler