1/144 Revell A400M Atlas

Gallery Article by Onami on Nov 1 2019



Hello, everyone. Here is my latest work, AIRBUS A400M "ATLAS". It is also my first challenge of illumination. I hope you like it.

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This kit is very well-detailed. In addition, it has 2 layered fuselage-shells separated to the outer skin and the inner cargo-bay, so I could fortunately put LEDs, CRDs, and cables between them.

However, there would be no space onboard to contain batteries of enough voltage, obviously, because it took 20 LEDs and 7 CRDs to illuminate both exterior and interior. So I connected them to a 12V AC adopter and scratched a GPU, Houchin C690, to hide the connector.

I show more pictures of "making" on my website below. Despite all of the article is written only in Japanese, I hope again you would enjoy the pics there. http://onami.blue.coocan.jp/models/seisaku/a400m_r14_seisaku.html 

In the next January, there would be coming another model kit of a 1/144 cargo-plane, Japanese Kawasaki C-2 from AOSHIMA. I'm so looking forward to have the 2 brand-new whales in very similar size side-by-side on my desk.


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Photos and text by Onami